Automate Everything—The new cupid for BPOs

PodcastJuly 17, 2020

Many Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies and enterprises have explored automation for their operations, but in silos, automating only a few tasks or processes at a time. There are complex challenges that hold them back from bringing together human and digital workforce (bots with brains) to run smarter operations.

Hexaware’s Automate Everything is the new cupid for BPOs. But what is Automate Everything? Is it a framework, a mindset, a suite of services, or a technology solution? Can it genuinely help organizations achieve end-to-end enterprise-wide intelligent automation to drive strategic benefits and maximize straight-through processing (STP)?

To discuss this, Chinmoy Banerjee, Executive Vice President and Global Head of Business Process Services at Hexaware, talked exclusively with CIO Talk Network and shared his thoughts and insights about how Automate Everything is the new cupid for BPOs.