An AI ML podcast – The Latest Trends

Join Santosh Tiwari, AVP, Business Intelligence Business Analytics (BIBA) practice, in conversation with Modern CTO on the latest trends in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) and how they can fast-track businesses in their journey to becoming truly data-driven enterprises.

The podcast warms up with Santosh sharing his transition from a design engineer to finally getting enveloped in the business intelligence landscape. Loving and leveraging data has been his philosophy since then, evolving with varied roles from architecting, building, and managing data platforms to finally leading go-to-market initiatives for Hexaware’s Decision Intelligence function.

Tune in to the podcast to understand the big picture on

  • How AI and ML can address and solve complex problems
  • Why it is important to understand pain points and walk the customer journey
  • Why the AI and ML space can pose challenges in implementation
  • Fuelling business decisions with AIML-led insights and human foresight
  • Identify the next best steps based on what worked best/failed in the past
  • Addressing business use cases with customized AIML technology models
  • How creative AI models are elevating music, art, and movies
  • Fears around AI dominance and the need for strict governance
  • How Decision Intelligence can be proactive and drive business efficiencies
  • Leveraging Hexaware’s Decision Intelligence expertise for business transformation