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Message from Hexaware CEO, R Srikrishna, on our preparedness to tackle COVID-19

March 29, 2020

Dear Customers & Partners,

The world is in an unprecedented crisis. I hope you, your families, and your employees are all safe.
I am writing this to you to appraise you of our response to COVID-19, and ask you if there is something further we can do to assist you in this crisis.

We have 100s of Hexawarians working 24/7 to meet the following objectives:

  • Ensure safety and wellbeing of all our employees globally;
  • Ensure servicing our customers globally to the fullest extent possible; and
  • Be a responsible corporate citizen in all our communities.


As I write this mail to you, we don’t have a single employee that has been affected by the virus, and we are working very hard to do what we can to keep it that way. Over two weeks ago, we instituted a centralized communication to brief you on the measures we are taking for the above. In addition, your account teams will be in constant communication with you to detail out measures that are specific to you.

While working with our customers, we have established the following principles:

  • Put the relationship before the contract. We will not refer to our contract for determining the right course of actions for you.
  • Act first in the interests of our customers, think of and discuss commercial impacts later. Examples of this will include deploying additional people/work additional hours (where possible) to support unplanned spike in volumes and enormous investments to support remote working.
  • Over-communicate, and be transparent about our challenges.
  • Remember that the crisis will eventually pass, but the relationships will last forever.


By the end of this week, the vast majority of our global IT workforce will be working remotely from their homes (with your concurrence) – increasing their safety while continuing to deliver services to you. We have established and are providing training on guidelines to ensure productivity and security for this model.

Even though many of the cities we operate in are largely unaffected now, we are doing this to get ahead of possible government actions or the infection affecting an employee in our campus that may force a partial shut-down. Those that remain at our offices (for very specific types of work) will have additional safety and precaution measures and we will continue to create options for them to work remotely.

Our BPS services will continue to be delivered from our offices in many locations due to a variety of additional risks and controls associated with these services. However, we are preparing and testing our ability to move the work to a remote model should the need arise.

We standby to do everything we can to support you during these times, and assure you of our best. Please let me know if we can do anything specific to assist you.

Warm Regards,

R Srikrishna
Chief Executive Officer