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Hexaware Ranks in the Top 10 on HFS ‘Employee Experience Services 2020’ Rating

November 5, 2020

HR services today include more than just benefits administration, compliance management, and payment processing. Today’s HR professionals are expected to offer a much more robust portfolio of services. At the same time, it has become imperative to improve timely engagement with your employees to redefine employee experience, boost productivity, and eliminate dissatisfaction. The rise of employee experience has been the catalyst driving this deeper engagement.

HFS, in its recent Employee Experience Services 2020 report, featured Hexaware as one of the top 10 employee experience providers, as defined across criteria of innovation, execution, and voice of customer.

The client satisfaction evaluation resulted in high scores for flexibility, adaptability, and accommodation, enabling Hexaware to rank on #3 in the Voice of the Customer category.

Determining the overall engagement, HFS declared Hexaware as an organization with a strong history and depth in HR services, that is now pushing into the experience arena.

Top 10 Employee Experience Services

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