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Hexaware helps in creating opportunities for healthcare payers to improve customer engagement and reduce administrative costs with streamlined business processes through intelligent automation in healthcare.  We have a metrics-driven methodology to identify, evaluate and baseline key processes to ensure that the right ones are selected for healthcare payer automation. Our AI-enabled RPA (Robotic Process Automation) helps to alleviate the challenges that health insurers face in the areas of enrollment, claim processing, prior authorization, and billing through improved efficiencies and by overcoming functional deficiencies and gaps in the legacy system. 

As per the client needs, we help automating transactions or specific subsets of processes and support end-to-end automation for driving cost efficiencies also for non-rule-based tasks through the utilization of next generation bots that are integrated with AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) with RPA that can make cognitive decisions and scale efficiency. We also provide analytics, disparate systems integration expertise, and scalable technology management support. 

We have partnerships with the best-of-the-breed automation product vendors and have our own enablers like Digital Operations Command Centre, Configuration Manager and RoboBank to support digital transformation in the healthcare industryHealthcare payers can quickly launch a complete set of RPA and intelligent automation (AI/ ML/ DL) solutions to improve STP, provide cost and process optimization with significantly higher accuracy and modernize their healthcare contact center operations. 

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