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Digital Payer Engagement

Hexaware’s digital healthcare member engagement solution can help boost healthcare payers’ digital transformation. It can help improve member experience by providing customizable out-of-the-box healthcare payer CRM that can integrate members’ eligibility, premium billing, claims and other related data to enable a 360-degree view of customers.  

We can provide enhanced digital healthcare payer member engagement features for members and providers with efficient member engagement touchpoints created by the usage of new-age channels like chatbots, Alexa, etc. The ecosystem enables varied processes such as intake of enrollment applications and managing member data through improved digital tools and next-generation platforms, capturing of payment preferences and remitting electronic payments for providers and members. The engagement layer is enabled by a microservice-based API layer which encapsulates and presents the required services from the core legacy layer. 

We help track the lifecycle of an interaction with members, non-members and providers while capturing member sentiments and values across their journey for improving member engagement and improving member satisfaction by providing personalized communications.

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