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Why Healthcare Payers are moving to the cloud?

Healthcare payers are increasingly looking to effectively utilize large volumes of data to drive efficiency, health outcomes and evaluate newer models of value-based payments. They need healthcare payer data analytics to utilize large volumes of data from various sources and in different formats, e.g., own legacy data, real-world data from devices, data from other stakeholders like healthcare providers and derive actional intelligence. There is also a major regulatory push to ensure interoperability of health information using standards like FHIR. Hexaware, with its extensive experience in working with some of the world’s largest Life Sciences & Healthcare data and intelligence vendors, can improve healthcare payer experience and help healthcare payers to centralize and move data to cloud and enable interoperability by creating an ingestion framework that supports standards like FHIR, HL7 v2. 

Checkout How Amaze can help you to move to cloud

Hexaware’s Amaze® for Data & AI can help assess and shift decades of on-premise, long-standing legacy payer data to the cloud at the lowest risk and expense and with minimal downtime while modernizing Data and BI / AI architecture. The Health Cloud-Native ingestion engine support data ingestion in real-time/ batch mode and supports standards like FHIR, DICOM, HL7 v2 and also FHIR-enabled IoMT. There are automation-led data governance and quality checks. Advanced analytics solutions (AI/ML/DL) deliver better healthcare payer solutions, an accurate and complete view of plan performance, healthcare payer analytics, engagement analytics, operational and financial performance, wellness prediction, etc.  

We bring the benefits of automation right from the assessment stage to the transformation stage in payer analytics solutions, resulting in a reduction in time and effort by over 60%.

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