Upgrade to Duck Creek OnDemand – Step Up Your Digital Transformation Game Upgrade to Duck Creek OnDemand – Step Up Your Digital Transformation Game

Upgrade to Duck Creek OnDemand – Step Up Your Digital Transformation Game


A highly scalable, high-performing, multi-tenant, and secure insurance core system like Duck Creek OnDemand (DCOD) is enabling insurers to quickly launch new products, deliver straight-through-processing in underwriting & claims management, and re-allocate IT resources to support other business priorities, all delivered through the cloud and at a lower total cost of ownership. With all V8 (Policy, Billing) and V12 (Claims) versions only getting released on DCOD, DCT recommended moving on-premises Duck Creek Core Modules, Data Hub, and Integrations to Duck Creek OnDemand (DCOD) by the end of 2023. The journey, however, will not be without challenges. Hexaware closely work with the insurers and the Duck Creek team to identify the challenges and prepare to mitigate them proactively.

Major Challenges in Upgrading to DCOD

  • High efforts to assess non-conformance by identifying changes made by the carrier
  • Manual efforts to identify and remediate the code which will not be supported in DCOD as we advance
  • Lack of automation in migrating to DCOD
  • Complexity to adopt new functionalities available in DCOD
  • Underestimating the project complexity, timeline, and cost estimates, lead to poor planning
  • Put significance to stabilization post upgrade to ensure tech debt-free upgrade and seamless BAU

We, at Hexaware, take an automation-first approach from assessment to migration to stabilization through our in-house proprietary toolsets and accelerators to reduce effort and cost and improve migration efficiencies. This approach helps insurers de-risk the Duck Creek OnDemand upgrade journey with predictive schedule and cost, minimize functional and technical debt, adopt DCOD best practices, and ensure business continuation post-upgrade.

Hexaware’s Duck Creek-certified team has deep experience working with P&C insurers and has developed this One Dash Integrated Solution that enables insurers to rapidly upgrade to the DCOD platform, thereby increasing the speed to implementation, mitigating execution risk, and lowering costs while being transparent in the game.

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