Transform Corporate Banking using Hexaware’s Offerings in Dynamics 365 Transform Corporate Banking using Hexaware’s Offerings in Dynamics 365

Transform Corporate Banking using Hexaware’s Offerings in Dynamics 365


With technology expanding exponentially, financial enterprises are reimaging banking by focusing heavily on customer relationships with customer data, insights, and personalized communication. Banks planning to accelerate digital in financial services should not be influenced or be in awe of the technology intricacies so much so that the support strategy gets neglected.

With its strong technology innovation and comprehensive domain expertise, Hexaware specializes in delivering complex fintech solutions to future-ready organizations and market leaders to help achieve agility, resilience, and business transformation with sustainable cost takeout outcomes. Hexaware is a Microsoft partner with 14 Gold competencies demonstrating our high technical expertise and proven skillset. We are experts at the Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services leveraging Dynamics 365 Banking Accelerator, Microsoft’s Common Data Model (CDM) for banking-specific data, which comes with pre-built entities for different banking functions. While providing solid insights and analytics capabilities, we provide powerful connected experiences that combine Microsoft’s cloud and Microsoft Power Platforms for effortless app development and process automation.

Learn more about our comprehensive suite of offerings that enable corporate banks to streamline customer service processes, while delighting customers with fast onboarding and tailored financial solutions. Explore the use cases and value-adds which corroborate how we specialize in various fintech service deliveries and help enhance company website portal personalization, treasury management process, relationship manager console, marketing and sales consoles. Our implementations have provided business benefits like:

  • Estimated 50% reduction in onboarding time post digitalization and automation
  • Estimated 40% gains in margin
  • Estimated 50% cost reductions and more

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