Hexaware’s Ethics and Compliance Solution Hexaware’s Ethics and Compliance Solution

Hexaware’s Ethics and Compliance Solution

Speak Up with Confidence.


Traditional reporting systems often fail to create a safe space for employees to voice concerns. Hexaware’s Ethical Compliance Solution changes that.

Report Anonymously, Act Ethically

Our solution empowers employees to anonymously report misconduct through secure channels, fostering a “speak-up” culture. HR benefits from a centralized platform for managing cases and ensuring resolution.

Key Features:

  • Prevent misconduct: Policy education, training, and a virtual HR lounge.
  • Strong governance: Compliant case management, secure reporting, and comprehensive reporting.
  • Unparalleled anonymity: Chat, voice modulation, video conferencing, and virtual spaces.
  • Web-based incognito experience: Report without downloads or installations.
  • Secure file sharing: Share evidence confidentially.

Tailored & Beneficial

Our adaptable solution integrates with your processes, ensuring a cohesive experience.

  • Amplify engagement: Empower every voice.
  • Elevate reporting rates: Encourage open communication.
  • Accelerate resolution: All cases are logged in ServiceNow and tracked to closure.
  • Cultivate trust: Create a safe space to speak up.
  • Drive ethical compliance: Gain a competitive advantage.

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Experience the future of anonymous reporting with Hexaware.

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