Hexaware’s Duck Creek OnDemand Enablement Toolset Hexaware’s Duck Creek OnDemand Enablement Toolset

Hexaware’s Duck Creek OnDemand Enablement Toolset


Duck Creek Technologies is encouraging insurers to move all on-premises modules, data hubs, and integrations to Duck Creek OnDemand (DCOD). Going forward, the newest editions of Duck Creek – specifically V8 (Policy Billing) and V12 (Claims) – will only be accessible through the DCOD platform.

While insurance providers are aware that transitioning to DCOD guarantees that their Duck Creek instance will be faster and more cost-effective, they are cautious to move forward with the upgrade due to uncertainty around work complexity, duration, and costs. They are also aware of the inherent challenge of integrating DCOD with any custom business objects or non-conformant configurations.

To meet this challenge head-on, Hexaware offers a sophisticated automated upgrade enablement toolset. Our DCOD enablement solution ensures a smooth and seamless transition to DCOD with minimal impact on business operations. Our DCT-endorsed OnDemand Enablement Tool provides an automated solution for:

  • Diagnosis and remediation of any customizations or non-conformance in your on-prem system
  • Accurate sizing for your approved schedule and budget
  • A detailed upgrade roadmap and plan
  • Post-upgrade validation

Benefits you can expect out of the DCOD Enablement Toolset include:

  • Comprehensive upgrade to OnDemand
  • Full transparency at every stage
  • Quick and informed decision-making
  • Real-time 360-degree visibility through a streamlined and consolidated dashboard

Make your DCOD transition seamless by partnering with Hexaware’s certified consultants. We have the right blend of technical and functional skills and country-specific domain knowledge to successfully upgrade your on-prem Duck Creek instance to Duck Creek OnDemand – better, faster, and cheaper.

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