Drive More Value with Duck Creek Implementation Drive More Value with Duck Creek Implementation

Drive More Value with Duck Creek Implementation

Digitally Transform your P&C Insurance Business with Our Duck Creek OnDemand (DCOD) Solutions


P&C insurers face challenges with outdated IT systems, impacting their agility, revenue, costs, and customer engagement. The answer lies in embracing modernization and digital transformation. Hexaware is here to guide you through this transformation journey.

  • Decades of Industry Experience: Benefit from our wealth of knowledge in the insurance sector. 
  • 100% DCU Certified Workforce: Our on-demand workforce is ready to scale, ensuring efficiency. 
  • Comprehensive Accelerators: Unique solutions and accelerators across the software development lifecycle, maximizing automation.  
  • Domain Specialty: Tailored solutions for Commercial Specialty, Personal Lines, Embedded Insurance, and more. 
  • Duck Creek OnDemand Upgrade: Smooth greenfield implementation with pre-built templates and integration definitions. 
  • Quality Assurance for DCOD: Comprehensive and reliable test automation for increased coverage and efficiency. 
  • Claims Transformation: Hyper-automated claims processes, from FNOL to reinsurance claims on one dashboard. 
  • Tools, Frameworks, and Enablers: Our automation-first approach ensures a seamless transformation journey, including AI-driven assessments, near-accurate sizing, and automated remediation.

Delve into the details of how Hexaware’s Duck Creek OnDemand solutions can revolutionize your P&C insurance business.

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