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Composable Architecture


With digital disruption the norm today, businesses are finding the need to reinvent themselves to keep abreast of the competition. Future-ready would entail transforming IT with emerging technologies to stay agile and nimble and respond proactively to market dynamics. Digital transformation with the cloud at the epicenter, legacy modernization, and transforming customer experiences have become essential building blocks.

Organizations need to keep pace with change, and composable architecture goes a long way in aligning the business to IT. The objective is to embrace adaptability and build a foundation that is resilient and offers scope for innovation. It is important to get the right domain-driven composable architecture in place. An API-centric architecture can help in the adoption of new technology, get cloud-ready as well as maximize value from the on-premise IT landscape.

Explore this flyer on composable architecture to know

  • Why it’s the age of the composable enterprise
  • How it can support changing demands of the organization
  • Why organizations need to leverage its inherent extensibility
  • The Hexaware approach to implementing composable enterprise architecture

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