AI Powered Visual Recognition AI Powered Visual Recognition

AI Powered Visual Recognition


In the digital rush for refreshing, memorable and innovative experiences, AI for Fashion is breaking new ground wherein key experience drivers like interactivity, originality, connectedness, accessibility and reality have transformed personalized engagement while promoting enhanced conversion rates.

Fashion Retail is leveraging technology, imagination and innovation for high impact winning outcomes. Shoppers’ expectations on the ability to use visual search over any other technology has been addressed through AI visual recognition capability. This feature is the focal point of this flyer and the key points covered include:

  • Optimizing high performance visual search engine for your website or app
  • Generating rich, highly- detailed tags automatically, for online fashion catalogs
  • Providing personalized, intelligent recommendations to shoppers
  • Enhancing shopping list building experience for grocery shopping
  • Empowering store associates by automating in-store auditing process and more

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Every outcome starts with a conversation