Accelerate Your Insurance Software Testing Accelerate Your Insurance Software Testing

Accelerate Your Insurance Software Testing


As an insurance provider, you know that testing is critical to ensuring the accuracy and efficiency of your business operations. Besides, launching a new product can be complex and time-consuming without a rapid launch solution, leading to inefficiencies, errors, and high costs. Hexaware’s Autonomous Test Orchestration Platform (ATOP) for Duck Creek reduces that timeline significantly by going beyond test automation to autonomous testing using AI, machine learning, and natural language processing to make testing the fastest cog in your insurance value chain.  

While finding the balance between getting to the market first and getting to the market with the right product is hard, Hexaware’s Autonomous Test Orchestration Platform (ATOP) for Duck Creek helps insurance organizations launch new business lines and products – quickly and with high quality.  

Our Autonomous Test Orchestration Platform helps address the below challenges in Duck Creek Testing 

  • Limited test coverage due to complex business rules 
  • Inadequate test data management, resulting in poor quality testing 
  • Time-consuming test infrastructure provision and maintenance
  • Manual test execution, leading to inefficiencies and errors
  • Challenges in identifying root causes of defects and taking corrective actions
  • High cost of testing due to manual effort and a long testing cycle time 

Hexaware’s ATOP-enabled value realization levers help overcome these challenges and provide everything you need to balance quality and speed in your Duck Creek testing program.

So, what are you waiting for? Achieve the perfect balance of quality and speed in all your testing activities with Hexaware’s Autonomous Test Orchestration Platform! 

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