How to navigate the complex world of Managed Services and choose the best Managed Services provider for you? Application Managed Services is becoming a complex umbrella of services – everything related to your application IT landscape is included in a vendor’s service catalog. Yet, we have seen that most clients are dissatisfied with their vendors as they are failing to deliver upon the promise of their Application Managed Services contract.

Are you among those clients who have signed up with a Managed Services vendor and are falling short of the requirements from your business team or from your CIO’s objectives?

Application Managed services, as the name suggests, should encompass an end-to-end service that is provided to your organization, where the goals of both the vendor and the client are aligned, and where there is a joint effort to fill in the gaps that are left undefined in the contract.

Every Managed Service contract is entered with the objectives of lowering the total cost of ownership while improving the quality of the services. However, how this benefit is accrued by your business is left unaddressed in most contracts.

The key questions addressed by this presentation include:

  • How can Managed Services Engagement drive Transformation?
  • How can automation be applied effectively in order to meet business objectives, not just technology goals?
  • How a well-structured approach to defining a Managed Services contract can benefit your business over the long term?
  • How effective Governance of a Managed Services contract is as important as defining the contract itself?

If you have been working on defining a managed services contract or facing any of the challenges listed above, do attend our webinar to understand more about Managed Services engagement as well as the frameworks and tools that are used to simplify the journey for your organization.

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Sep 24, 2019 2:00 PM

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