Dimitry Remenyuk
Kevin Foley
Madhur Virmani
Vijay Raghavan
Karen Furtado
Hugh Terry

About the Webinar

We are excited to announce a live solution spotlight webinar with The Digital Insurer and Strategy Meets Action on 24th September 2020 (Thursday) at 10 am GMT.

This interactive webinar, sponsored by Hexaware, will be relevant for P&C Insurers who want to explore and adopt the all-new Guidewire Digital version to achieve maximum operational flexibility using a future-ready, component-based, metadata-driven framework. The webinar also focuses on some of the critical challenges to upgrading existing digital platforms to the new platform. In particular, we will examine the upgrade path to the latest digital version and discuss how to balance between new functionality roll out in the older version while the upgrade to the latest version is in progress.

The 60-minute event will have an interactive panel, solutions demand, customer showcases, as well as an open session for Q&A. Registration is compulsory.

Join the webinar as our experts share acumen on:
  1. What is new in Guidewire Digital
  2. How digital jump start kits accelerate the adoption of digital, touchless experiences
  3. The practitioner’s perspective on adoption and how customers are leveraging Guidewire Digital within their ecosystem to respond to digital business needs.
  4. Most cost-efficient way to upgrade from existing digital version to the latest version
  5. Open Forum Q&A


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