Human-centered patient engagement is more than a buzzword. It’s a powerful approach that puts patients at the heart of everything.

At its core, patient engagement begins with the simple understanding that a disease or disorder doesn’t define a person; rather, it’s a part of their life that needs to be handled with understanding and empathy. Technology can serve as an enabler for human-centered patient engagement for both patients and providers. It can help healthcare providers build stronger relationships with their patients and understand their unique needs. It can also empower patients to take charge of their own healthcare journey.

Co-branded with Hexaware and BioPharma Dive, this webinar discusses how technology is enabling organizations to drive human-centered approaches for better patient experiences. Key points include:

  • Understanding human-centered patient engagement.
  • Leveraging technology as an enabler.
  • Exploring the tangible benefits of adopting a human-centered approach for patients and healthcare providers.
  • Case studies and best practices.

In this webinar, you’ll:

  • Learn about the latest advancements in patient engagement strategies.
  • Discover innovative ways to enhance patient experiences and outcomes.
  • Understand how to position your organization at the forefront of the patient engagement revolution.
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Sep 20, 2023 3:00 PM