The ever-changing digital world requires organizations to be capable of delivering rapid updates to their products and services in a matter of hours by transforming software testing. The traditional approach to testing, one dependent solely on human intervention, simply cannot keep up.

In order to move to the next level of testing transformation, organizations need to make test automation smarter through autonomous software testing. They need to move from manual to autonomous testing for reaping maximum benefits from their quality assurance initiatives. As we move towards this paradigm, TestBots based on AI and ML will become the new normal, making testing more independent from human intervention through self-learning.

However, just as is happening in the automotive industry with self-driving vehicles, human testers will still be in the driver’s seat for some years to come, managing and collaborating with TestBots. Are you ready?

In this webinar, Hexaware along with Forrester Guest, Diego Lo Giudice, will discuss:

  • What customer-obsessed organizations do to accelerate digital transformation with quality
  • The Forrester Autonomous Testing framework, its inspiration from SAE, and realities and myths of autonomous testing use cases
  • Hexaware’s solutions and platforms for autonomous testing
  • Hexaware’s customer case studies


We look forward to hosting you at the session.

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Sep 3, 2020 3:00 PM