Immanuel Kingsley

Immanuel Kingsley

Donning many hats including that of a Programmer, Strategist, Innovation Lab Head, and so on…Immanuel has a quest for the latest technology trends and is curious to know the relevance it holds for customers. His recent passion is blending the physical and virtual world using Extended Reality & Computer Vision technologies for a breakthrough innovation in the fashion industry.

Malika Garrett

Malika Garrett

Malika has over 25 + years in technology and marketing strategy experience within the CPG and Retail industries. She also has extensive achievements leading Digital transformation efforts for top retailers and consumer product companies around the globe. Her recipe for success and subject matter expertise lies in her ability to work in the intersection of creativity, strategy and technology coupled with her deep passion for the industry both brick and mortar and online interactions.

About the Webinar

If “Social Distancing” in these times of the pandemic COVID-19 is keeping us apart, technology innovation is helping stay connected and get closer.  And when virtual can be a reality today, smart brands are re-defining the customer experience to reach out and have that intimate conversation. Yes, no one does it better than high end fashion now. While we are following a ‘No more touching’ formula to combat the deadly virus, fashion is following a ‘No more Dressing Rooms’ concept. You can now try the clothes you choose from the comforts of your home through Augmented Reality! And view how clothes and accessories look like on YOU and not on an industry designed mannequin.

At least 100 million users are expected to utilize AR-enabled shopping technologies in 2020 –  Gartner

With Fashion Retail leveraging technology, experiences, imagination and innovation for high impact winning outcomes, join your peers and Hexaware for a webinar on the new opportunities being created with XR on 14th April between 11 am – 12 pm EST, to witness an Extended Reality walk-though on how and why high-end fashion retail can use Extended Reality (XR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) to accelerate new customer acquisition, the creation of new customer experiences, and support the rapid launch of new products.

Immanuel Kingsley – Vice President, Innovation Labs and Malika Garret – Senior Industry Lead, Retail & Consumer will talk the walk on- 

  • Marrying form, function, design and XR frameworks to create high impact personalized shopping experiences for your customers
  • How smart brands can bridge the gap between offline and online channels with “try before you buy” virtual frameworks
  • Leveraging AR for virtual tours for immersive in-store journeys that encourage footfalls too
  • Creating holistic brand awareness and engagement using social vehicles for staying connected at all times


Register here for the webinar and know how you can transform your business and elevate customer experience with Extended Reality.

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