We are joined by the following keynote speakers

Neil Gomes

Chief Digital Officer EVP for Technical Innovation and Consumer Experience at Jefferson University and Jefferson Health.

Arielle Trzcinski

Senior analyst at Forrester, serving application development and delivery professionals. Her research focuses on how healthcare organizations can leverage technology to become more customer obsessed and engage healthcare customers in new and innovative ways. Her areas of focus include virtual care, patient and member experience, analytics, population health and value-based care.

TJ Keitt

Principal analyst at Forrester, serving customer experience (CX) professionals. His research covers B2B customer experience, employee enablement and customer experience consultancies. As part of his work on B2B CX, TJ leads Forrester’s research on customer success management and helps create Forrester’s B2B Tech CX Index.

About the Event

We cordially invite you to be a part of the Patient Engagement Conference 2020 – a gathering of Business and Technology leaders from Healthcare and Life Sciences on Thursday, February 13 in New Jersey.

At this summit, our team will talk about the ‘art’ of building technology solutions that have customer centricity and automation at their core, leveraging Salesforce technologies.

Pharma companies are continuing to increase their focus on engaging with patients. As a result, patient engagement that breaks down silos created by multiple and disparate systems is becoming a priority. R&D and Medical Affairs teams are working towards improving outcomes and developing innovative means for interventions based on real world data. However, the data available is fragmented as pharma companies are yet to provide a unified way to engage patients after obtaining patient consent.

At the event, we assemble a team of industry-leading experts to discuss and debate the challenges around scaling patient engagement in pharma companies.

Key topics of the discussion would include:

  • The changing landscape of the Healthcare and Life Sciences industry
  • Why patient experience is at the core of all major decision making?
  • Why do pharma companies need to scale patient engagement?
  • How can pharma companies strengthen trust with patients while collecting data?
  • How do patients benefit from engagement with pharma companies?
  • How do pharma companies break the silos on patient engagement? Is there a need for a more unified platform or solution?
  • How can pharma companies work with patient advocacy groups to increase patient engagement?
  • How can pharma companies overcome regulatory challenges to access patient data?
  • How can technology play a role in increasing patient engagement and experience?

For more information please contact Mohit Markanda at: Mohit.Markanda@ns-mediagroup.com


Time Activity
16:00 Registration, Networking & Welcome Note
16:30 Keynote Session by Neil Gomes – Chief Digital Officer & EVP for Technical Innovation and Consumer Experience at Jefferson University and Jefferson Health.
17:30 Point of View by Forrester Analysts TJ Keitt & Arielle Trzcinski and Panel Discussion
18:30 Cocktails & Dinner
19:30 Closing Remark

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