About the Event

Hexaware is a proud sponsor and session host at the Minneapolis Evanta CIO Executive Summit. For the 11th year, the Minneapolis CIO Executive Summit will bring together the region’s best and brightest to harness inspiring technology and help organizations stay on the cutting edge.

The conference is uniquely built by CIOs, for CIOs, and offers an unmatched program of networking, sharing insights and facilitating candid conversations for the Twin Cities’ top technology leaders.

Hexaware Session Host

Vinod Chandran, President-IMS, Hexaware Technologies, will host one of the key sessions at the event, where speakers will discuss the evolving relationship between IT and finance.

Session: Check the Tech – Wise Investment and the Fiscal CIO

Speaker(s): Jeff Palm, SVP & CIO, Allianz Of America, Inc. Bill Gaumond, Chief Financial Officer, Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America

Visit booth No. 29 at the CIO Executive Summit in Minneapolis to learn more about how Hexaware is revolutionizing IT infrastructure scene with its ‘Shrink IT, Grow Digital’ approach.

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