Bringing Together the Potential of Data and the Power of AI

The Microsoft Fabric Community Conference in 2024 is set to revolutionize Data & AI exploration, empowering attendees with the essential knowledge, cutting-edge tools, and invaluable collaborations necessary to unlock the full potential of data.

This debut annual event invites business leaders, IT professionals, data specialists, and consultants to immerse themselves in Microsoft’s latest technologies, driving forward transformative change.

Meet Our Experts: Simplify, Streamline, & Supercharge

A Gold Sponsor at the event, Hexaware drives transformation by harnessing the power of Microsoft Fabric to unify and simplify your data landscape. Meet us for your personalized blueprint of a sustainable data foundation for AI to thrive and embrace agile, AI-powered innovation.

Discover how we fuse technological expertise, proven methodologies, and our digital transformation accelerator amaze®, revolutionizing the world’s outlook on data readiness for AI.

Technical Hour Session: Data Readiness for AI: Design Principles for the Enterprise Using Fabric

Abstract: An enterprise’s ability to derive value from AI hinges on the completeness and quality of its data. Drawing from our in-house implementations and client consultations, we’ve developed a set of design principles for the implementation of AI-powering Data Fabric. Whether you’re already on Azure, utilizing a multi-cloud architecture, or embarking on a green-field implementation, our approach highlights the necessary steps to achieve a target state optimized and governed for AI.

Speaker: Prashant Dahalkar, Vice President, Data and Analytics

Date: March 28th

Time: 3:00 PM, PST

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Event details

Mar 26, 2024 – Mar 28, 2024 (3 days)

MGM Grand Hotel