It is not surprising that many digital transformation projects fall short, or in worst case fail, to deliver their expected return on investment and expected outcomes.

Join this live & interactive webinar, to hear 2 Hexaware clients’ experience of how they maximized their Guidewire ROI to deliver successful outcomes in partnership with Hexaware.

We’ll be hearing from Rudi Serron, CIO, P&V Insurance (Belgium) & Hannes van Vuuren, Chief Digital Officer, Santam (South Africa), as well as Sandesh Shetti, Global Business Leader, Commercial and Specialty Insurance, Hexaware, as they share their insights into how they deliver successful transformation projects with Guidewire.

Join us for this lively and informative 75-minute webinar and take this opportunity to interact live with the panel and ask the questions you want answered to people directly involved.

Some key themes to be addressed are:

  • What were the key drivers for the organizations to embark on this digital transformation journey
  • How did Guidewire implementation help create a differentiation or competitive advantage for the organization
  • Why balancing risk-aversion with transformative change is critical to maximizing benefits and how did you achieve that
  • How critical was the collaboration with stakeholders, both external and internal, to positively impact NPS
  • What are the key learnings and things to watch out for while enabling such successful transformations

Expert Panel:

  1. Rudi Serron  Chief Information Officer, P&V
  2. Hannes van Vuuren  Chief Digital Officer, Santam
  3. Sandesh Shetti  Global Business Leader, Commercial and Specialty Insurance, Hexaware

See you at the event!

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Event details

Mar 30, 2023 5:00 PM