About the Event

Hexaware is a proud sponsor of the Libor Summit USA on the November 7 2019 at the NEW YORK MARRIOTT MARQUIS. To know about transitioning to risk free rates on cash products, the treasury, operations and derivatives, be sure to be a part of the interactive sessions and global discussion at Libor. This is a must-attend session for everyone even remotely connected to the international finance domain as you stand to gain exclusive insights from leading ARRC members about LIBOR transitioning, the pitfalls and opportunities emerging around the transition, case studies, practical experiences of the experts, new technologies and new operational ways.

With ever-changing finance scenarios, being abreast of competition and staying well informed about the key risks, divergence in transition paths, dangers during transition, operational readiness, new LIBOR fall back provisions, legacy contracts, etc. is very critical. Having an informed insight about the Secured Overnight Financing Rate as well as proposed alternative reference rates is important while dealing with the implications of the transition to risk free rates on cash products.

Join Hexaware at Libor Summit USA to realize more about

  • Experts’ opinion regarding transition paths across markets and keep pace with transition plans
  • Know what is trading well, estimate the growth trends, operational readiness for the transition
  • Most importantly forge connections to support your organization in their journey towards new risk-free rates and more


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