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Immanuel Kingsley

Immanuel Kingsley

Donning many hats including that of a Programmer, Strategist, Innovation Lab Head, and so on…Immanuel has a quest for the latest technology trends and is curious to know the relevance it holds for customers. His recent passion is blending the physical and virtual world using Extended Reality & Computer Vision technologies for a breakthrough innovation across industry.

About the Webinar

COVID-19 has slowed down production and deliveries across varies domains including manufacturing segments like discrete manufacturing, EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) and Energy & Utilities.

Manufacturers are experiencing demand volatility, liquidity crises, sourcing/supply chain disruptions, production challenges and increases in raw materials costs. In addition, altered purchasing patterns have combined with an inability to engage buyers (product demonstrations, etc.) due to travel restrictions/immobility. For example, shop floor customer visits are being restricted due to EHS norms and employee trainings have fallen behind in the new WFH environment.
For  construction, energy and utilities labor challenges in terms of acute talent shortage, aging workforce and safety concerns have added to project delays as well as uncertainties in scheduling and field operations. Limited penetration of technology levers such as BIM, AR/ VR, RPA, drones and automation has led to only sub-optimal growth in these segments.

These challenges have made it difficult to defend revenue from potential erosion.

To help overcome some of these challenges, Immanuel J Kingsley, Hexaware’s Innovation Head presents a webinar entitled Innovation a Must to Accelerate Growth in Manufacturing, on 30th Sept at 11am ET/ 10am CT.

Key points:

  • Accelerating and driving business continuity and EPC efficiency through digital innovation during and post COVID
  • Leveraging extended reality (XR) technologies such as augmented reality, mixed reality, virtual reality, HMD and Computer vision to drive better experience for employees, customers and suppliers alike
  • Leapfrog toward a touchless, contactless, remote and immersive world to influence top-line growth, 360 visibility and employee productivity

 Register here for the webinar and know how you can transform your business and elevate customer experience with best practices and innovations.

To know how you can transform your business and elevate customer experience with Extended Reality.

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