The Hexaware Dream Runners Half Marathon allows you to run at a place and time convenient to you. It is a marathon equivalent of ‘Work From Home’. There will be no congregation at a common start and finish point, as is common for an event. You choose to run at the time and place of your choice, within the provided window of time. It is advisable to run in the vicinity of your neighbourhood, with strict adherence to social distancing and no group congregation norms. A window of time from 18-26 September is provided for enabling this. You will record your run on the running app you are comfortable with and upload the same on our website.

The Proceeds from this event will be donated to:

a) COVID-19 Front Line Workers
b) Freedom Trust – in aid of Prosthetic Limbs
c) International Foundation for Crime Prevention and Victim Care (PCVC) – to support physical recuperation of women burn survivors of violence

Event Date: September 18-26, 2020

Location: Anywhere

Categories: 21.1K, 10K, 5K

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Event details

Sep 18, 2020 – Jan 1, 1970 (18524 days) 5:50 PM