Bill Martorelli
Santhosh Kumar Ramabadran

About the Webinar

Today’s enterprises are moving to the cloud with renewed ambition, but they face challenges in executing migration strategies amidst an increasingly hybrid, multi-cloud environment. This is particularly true given that the initial focus on “lift and shift,” is slowly yielding to a more inclusive strategy involving applications modernization. This webinar will focus on effective migration and modernization strategies for migrating to the cloud with the help of key services partners.

Join us for an insightful webinar, hosted by Hexaware, featuring guest speaker Bill Martorelli from Forrester, on how you can accelerate and make the most of your application modernization journey.

About Hexaware’s Cloud offering: We help our customers on their modernization journey using Cloud Lite Services, where we containerize the existing monolith applications and move them to the Cloud. By doing so, we help you quickly realize the benefits of the cloud, while reducing migration efforts. As a result, you unlock a number of benefits geared to reinforce your company’s roadmap for the future. The webinar will also focus on what Hexaware’s Cloud Lite Services are, our key differentiators, and how these differentiators can help accelerate the cloud migration journey in a low-risk manner.

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