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Kirthivasan Nagarajan

Kirthivasan Nagarajan

Kirthivasan Nagarajan is an IT professional with over 14 + years’ experience in Design, Development & Testing of Applications. He has implemented Automation Engineering Solutions for enterprises leveraging NLP and ML techniques.

Naresh Padmanabhan

Naresh Padmanabhan

Naresh Padmanabhan(Paddy) is the practice manager for Multi-Channel testing at Hexaware Technologies. He has over 14 years of experience in Design, Development & Testing of Applications. He has rich experience implementing test automation solutions across leading global customers. He is also a certified Blockchain expert.

Nilesh Tarale

Nilesh Tarale

Nilesh has worked with both product and services companies for past years and has provided a good grounding on process using methodologies of Agile, Sequential (Waterfall, V-Model) and Iterative testing, including the evaluation of test methodologies, process development, design and implementation of environment using a limited set of resources in mostly Telecom and transport industry domain.

About the Webinar

Digital transformation is making businesses focus more on customers redefining their customer engagement paradigms! As they spend top dollars in embracing new-age digital transformations, MOBILITY becomes the key factor! The adoption of smart devices is increasing and adding new revenue streams for the global players. But, when thousands of mobile devices and Applications proliferate the market at an amazing speed, how do businesses ensure they build quality Applications that don’t fail across all the different channels (desktop web and mobile) and variety of devices, browsers and operating systems? And most importantly without losing an eye on speed, quality or cost.

Join this webinar to understand:

  • Mobile DevOps and how a cloud based device lab can help achieve continuous testing
  • Challenges involved in Multi-channel testing to deliver consistent customer experience across the channels (Web, Mobile, etc.)
  • Generation of Automation Scripts from Feature Files leveraging AI NLP
  • Rapid & Easy Configuration of Automation Execution in DevOps Pipeline
  • Continuous Execution of Automation Scripts over Cloud, Containers and VMs

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