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Dr. Andreas Stiehler

Dr. Andreas Stiehler

In his role as Principal Analyst, Dr. Andreas Stiehler is in charge of PAC’s research activities around ‘digital transformation’ - with a specific focus on the ‘digital workplace’ and related topics. He is responsible for the setup and execution of customized research and consulting projects in this field, and he also contributes to the further development of PAC’s content marketing services

Anuj Gupta

Anuj Gupta

Anuj Gupta spearheads the Digital Workplace function for Hexaware Technologies. He has worked in different capacities and functions including Solutioning, Pre-sales, Product Management and Transformation. His diverse experience enables in conceptualizing and designing products and solutions for customers. As a user experience evangelist, he promotes the usage of consumer world like services which can be brought and used effectively in user’s workplace.

About the Webinar

2:00 pm (GMT) | 4:00 pm (CEST) | 10:00 am (EST) | 9:00 am (CST)

Join PAC and Hexaware for an interactive Webinar titled “Digital Workplace: 5-step strategy to provide consumer world-like user experience” to learn how Digital Workplace is shifting towards the consumer world with user experience taking the centerstage. The event will offer a 360° view on critical issues related to workplace modernization and share best practices to address key challenges.

We will try to demystify the term ‘Digital’ in the Digital Workplace for you so that you can assess how far digitization is applicable and relevant for your business. We will also elaborate on how you can leverage automatiom, Big Data, Hybrid Cloud and other digital forces to transform your workplace.

The webinar draws inputs from a recent study conducted by PAC on Digital Workplace across large companies with 1000+ employees. More than 180 IT and HR managers were surveyed about the trends, investment plans and challenges related to workplace transformation.

Hurry Up. Limited Seats Available!

This webinar will:

  • Share the core results of the recently published PAC trend report Digital Workplace in Europe (strategic relevance and central goals, key issues, status quo, investment plans and barriers).
  • Explain what these insights mean to you and how to incorporate them into your own transformation strategy.
  • Elaborate on how to formulate a digital workplace plan as a holistic design and service concept.
  • Demonstrate best practices of European companies in the field of workplace modernization.
  • Discuss key success factors when planning and progressing your workplace transformation.

Join us to explore best practices and technologies in digital workplace!

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