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Muneeswara Pandian

Muneeswara Pandian

Pandian Muneeswara C has 23 years of experience in IT with practitioner expertise in the data landscape, from appliances to big data to cloud. He has built significantly value-adding platforms, tools and approaches on how enterprises across industry can leverage metadata and automation to adopt newer technologies for data platform modernization, optimization and governance.

Rafael Massei

Rafael Massei

Rafael has 4 years of marketing experience in the tech industry. As a data enthusiast, Rafael enjoys all things related to analytics, data, and cloud data warehousing. Thriving in accelerated environments and having lived in five different countries, he brings significant expertise in planning and executing marketing strategies globally.

About the Webinar

Future-ready organizations are looking to the cloud as a harbinger for positive change and business transformation.  For data-driven organizations with a vast data landscape powered by business intelligence and AI-driven analytical ecosystems, cloud modernization has become a critical business imperative. The cloud paradigm ticks all the right boxes, from data integration, possibilities for advanced analytics and IoT to autonomous management accentuated by easy availability, sheer scalability and greater performance.

Join industry experts and thought leaders for a data-driven interactive 60 minutes session on making the cloud work for your data warehouses. In collaboration with our Data Cloud partner Snowflake, we share actionable insights on shifting your on-premise data warehouse to Snowflake and join the data cloud. Also, discover how Hexaware’s proprietary tool, amaze® for Data and AI, can fast track Data Warehouse and Analytics transformation to cloud using its suite of accelerators to accurately assess the current legacy environment for automated conversion to modern analytics ecosystems.

The webinar will focus on

  • How a leading global mining major modernized its Data Warehouse & Analytics ecosystem for business transformation
  • The challenges in migrating to Snowflake from Teradata
  • Hexaware’s Cloud Modernization tool amaze®  for Data and AI  
  • A quick demo of how amaze® enables Automation-led transformation
  • How an automated assessment of Teradata and your BI ecosystem can take just 6 days


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