Diego Lo Giudice
Sushil Karambelkar

About the Webinar

2018 March 28th I 11AM ET I 4PM UK TIME I 8:30PM IST

Over the last decade you have engaged outsourcing partners and benefitted from their scale and low-cost locations to efficiently manage your application maintenance and support (AMS). To take AMS to the next level, you will have to think past human resources and leverage automation technology. For the next level of improvements in cost and performance you’ll have go beyond the standard runbook automation toolset and leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to alert you of impending incidents and expand what can be remediated without human intervention. Join us and our Forrester Guest speaker Diego Lo Giudice to share recent findings of our Forrester commissioned study on the future of AMS.

In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • The role of AMS in digital transformation
  • What AI brings to the table?
  • Challenges and benefits of automated automation.
  • How to get started?

The speakers will be available for a Live Q&A session towards the end of the Webinar to answer your queries.

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