To automate or not to automate is no longer a question! Automation has been here for a while now and has successfully transformed the way organizations run their operations. But what next? The question is no more ‘whether you automate or not’ but more about ‘how you automate’.

Organizations are hence looking at different models and frameworks to scale their automation journeys. Scaling your automation journey includes scaling your people, process and technologies in the right mix to maximize the benefits and an Automation Centre of Excellence may just be the thing you need. While it may seem that an Automation CoE is just for large enterprises, but we have seen businesses of all sizes benefit from an Automation CoE.

Join us on our webinar to:

  • Know the key steps to build a sustainable and robust Automation CoE
  • Identify the right model for your organization
  • Understand the Governance & Reporting in an Automation CoE
  • Leverage automation technologies beyond RPA
  • Hear about real life success stories of building an Automation CoE
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Sep 10, 2019 2:30 PM

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