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About the Webinar

Today, businesses across the world are adopting a ‘cloud first’ approach and investing significantly in re-platforming applications to the cloud. Data warehouses, the crown jewels of enterprises, are at the heart of this paradigm shift. As enterprises embark on the journey to transform their data warehouse and analytics ecosystems to cloud, the list of challenges they face is quite long.

With years of expertise in delivering enterprise data warehouse transformation solutions, Hexaware has a proven service offering which brings in a four-step methodology for taking on-premises data warehouse and analytics ecosystems to cloud in an automated manner ensuring a successful and seamless transformation.

Join our webinar where guest speaker Forrester VP and Principal Analyst Boris Evelson and Hexaware Senior VP Vaidya J R will discuss:

  • Cloud adoption trends in application, data and analytics
  • Why on-premises data warehouses are not a viable option anymore for analytics needs
  • What you need to know before starting data warehouse cloudification journey
  • An automated transformation methodology to adopt cloud for data warehouse and analytics needs with zero disruption to business

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