Hexaware is the proud Platinum Sponsor at the 19th Annual America’s Claims Event 2015; Austin TX. The Annual America’s Claims Event is one of the ONLY industry event where senior managers, practitioners and experts involved with claims operations can get the insight they need to implement effective and tactical strategies for their claims handling process. More than 400 professionals and decision-makers from mid-size to large Fortune 500 companies attend the event to engage in idea exchange and peer to peer learning.

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Our Speaking Session:

Title: The Game Changer: Disruptive Technologies to Combat Insurance Fraud

Date/Time: June 17th @ 11am – 11:45am.

One in ten people see claims fraud as a victimless crime as they think they can easily get away with it. This public perception of insurance fraud is hindering counter fraud activities and insurers need to add advanced analytics to their artillery to Combat Insurance Fraud. While Insurers have been utilizing traditional techniques such as predictive modelling, business rules etc to detect potential fraudulent cases however the problem continues to grow northwards. Innovative technologies such as social media analytics, voice analysis and image analysis can go a mile ahead to detect and prevent opportunistic and professional frauds by churning structured and unstructured data through internal and external data sources. This session will introduce few such techniques and how these can improve the fraud detection volumes and quality.

Shailendra Deo, Head, Insurance Solutions Group, Hexaware

Email Id: shailendrad@hexaware.com

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Jun 16, 2015 11:04 AM

Hilton Austin, Austin TX