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Craft a Distinctive Digital Banking Platform Experience Craft a Distinctive Digital Banking Platform Experience

Craft a Distinctive Digital Banking Platform Experience

Turn vision into reality with Hexaware and Backbase

Our research shows that 80% of the features banks provide to their customers are common to all banks, leaving only 20% to differentiate. In partnership with Backbase, Hexaware brings you cutting-edge solutions that redefine the banking landscape. Our ebook delves into our successful collaborations, showcasing how we’ve elevated digital banking platforms worldwide. 

Why Choose Hexaware and Backbase?   

  • Digital Banking Platform Mastery: As a Backbase premier partner, we offer unparalleled expertise in digital banking platforms. Our focus is on improving customer experiences and driving digital capabilities.
  • Global-Local Engagement Banking: With a unique blend of global reach and local expertise, we excel in engagement banking platforms. Our solutions bridge the digital and physical realms seamlessly.
  • Innovative Corporate Banking Solutions: Explore our digital corporate banking solutions, designed to enhance business efficiency and streamline operations.
  • Accelerated Approach: Our accelerated approach means a shorter time to market, faster value delivery, increased customer satisfaction, and reduced operational costs. We’ve achieved successful digital bank launches in just 12 months! 

Empower Your Digital Capabilities Today! 

Experience the power of Hexaware and Backbase in transforming digital banking platforms with team-as-a-service, phygital strategy, and more. Download our ebook to discover how we can improve customer experiences, drive digital capabilities, and propel your banking strategies forward. 

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