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Global enterprises today are undertaking Digital transformation initiatives to reinvent themselves by redefining underlying processes, technology and operating models to offer a seamless experience to their customers and the larger ecosystem. In other words, enterprises are looking to GROW DIGITAL. However, such large scale invasive change takes time to deliver on the promised business case. ROBOTIC PROCESS AUTOMATION has rapidly emerged as a non-invasive change enabler with the power to disrupt operating models, dramatically drive down cost of operations and effectively address increased regulatory burden for organizations across industries. Organizations are likely spending anywhere from 30-40% more on business and IT Operations. Hexaware's SHRINK IT GROW DIGITAL strategy focusses on enabling the customers to shrink this spend using Automation and Digital Technologies.

Hexaware's focus is to use this fearless thinking to disrupt the market. We call it DIGITAL MANAGED SERVICES (DMS) where we take on the entire process, accept the risk of implementing RPA and provide cost benefits to the client from Day 1 of the implementation. This way we identify the automation potential, take over the operations, and progressively implement RPA. Our inimitable DMS platform provides seamless automation experience addressing people, process and technology enabling Shared Services Centers to embrace Digital Labour.

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Hexaware is one of the fastest growing global IT, Business Process Services and Consulting firm with over 11,800 employees and customers in over 30 countries. This growth is attributable to Hexaware's strategy of 'SHRINK IT, GROW DIGITAL' - helping global Fortune 500 and enterprise customers dramatically reduce operational costs, while enabling realization of value from Automation and Digital initiatives through solutions across industries like Banking, Financial Services, Healthcare, Insurance, Manufacturing, Consumer, Telecom, Logistics, Travel and Tourism. We have a strong presence across the globe including Americas, Europe, Middle East, Asia Pacific, Australia, and India.

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