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Empowering Customers, Employees and Communities to Manage Uncertainty

The Covid-19 pandemic has created climes of uncertainty that has far-reaching implications on how businesses work and navigate change. Our primary focus at Hexaware is on working proactively to support our customers, employees and communities through these trying times, both in the near term as the world adapts to the new realities as well as the long term helping them create sustainable roadmaps for the future.

We are leveraging technology innovation to help businesses deliver uninterrupted services to our customers globally with high levels of productivity, engagement and commitment. We have ensured employees get to balance social distancing and safety needs with productivity parameters. And as the organization unites as one to tackle this global challenge we are dedicated to keeping our communities safe, connected and informed with tangible actions for personal growth and positive change.

For Employees

  • Work From Anywhere

    • A hands-on BCP team to manage mode of operations
    • Work from Home initiation for maximum employees
    • Dedicated infrastructure support team
    • Global Service Desk to support project teams in case of connectivity challenges

  • Covid Care Support

    • Corona Kavach: An additional health policy with a cover of 3 Lacs for all employees and their dependents in India.
    • Covid Care Leave (CCL): Special leaves for Covid-affected employees, 14 days for those who are in ‘Home Quarantine’, and unlimited leaves for those who have to be hospitalized.
    • Hospital Tie-ups: Exclusive hospital tie-ups in Pune, Chennai, Mumbai, and Bangalore, ensuring reserved beds and special COVID treatment facilities for Hexawarians and their family members.
    • Vaccination Drive: Vaccination drive, in collaboration with leading hospitals, for all Hexawarians and their dependents, in India.
    • Oxygen concentrators: More than 100 O2 concentrators procured for our employees, which can be availed on a ‘use and return’ basis. More on the way.

  • Wellness

    • Doctor on Call: Tie-up with Truworth, an app-based specialty health and wellness firm, for unlimited doctor consultations and access to more than 16 specialists.

    • Additional Support on EAP: Exclusive slots from our Employee Assistance Program partners for counseling, workshops, and mental wellness assistance.

    • Covid Support Group and Helpline: A group of 50+ charged up, empathetic, and committed Hexawarians, who are available on email and telephone 24×7, have formed a Covid Support group to help Hexawarians and their families.

  • Financial Support

    • Helping Hands: A voluntary fund where employees can contribute to support the fight against Covid. The contributions are collected through payroll deductions.
    • Family Support: Accepting applications and processing job offers for the family members of Hexawarians who lost their lives to the deadly virus.
    • Financial Support: Enabled salary in advance and withdrawal of provident fund.

For Customers

While working with our customers, we have established the following principles

  • Put the relationship before the contract
  • Act first in the interests of our customers, discuss commercial impacts later
  • Over-communicate and be transparent about our challenges
  • Remember that the crisis will eventually pass, but the relationships will last forever


For Communities

  • Adhering to social distancing to combat this pandemic in our society
  • CSR initiative, distributed dry rations (18000 meals) to migrant workers in Pune and to 3415 families from 429 villages in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, Rajasthan and Maharashtra in India. Also donated 42000 masks to Chennai hospitals, police and sanitary workers
  • KareRing: Launched a free software and solution and mobile app for quarantine zone care management. It enables institutions to provide timely care management to those in quarantine

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