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About Hexaware

We are the Fastest Organically Growing IT Services Company

Hexaware is a global leader and the fastest growing next-generation provider of IT, BPO and consulting services. We are a team of seasoned IT practitioners, distinguished engineers and ‘Automateers’(our resources with a deep-rooted passion for automation), striving as the customer’s trusted partner in managing their technical complexities and providing the best possible solutions.

We’ve pioneered a new supercharged growth strategy, evolved at the intersection of advanced technologies – ‘Automate Everything’, ‘Cloudify Everything’ and ‘Transform Customer Experiences’, that helps in fast-tracking enterprises into the digital era.

We are led by a simple guiding purpose of being the first IT services company in the world, with half of our workforce as digital.

Amplifying Human Potential

Touted as the ‘Digital David’ in a market full of Goliaths by leading Analysts’ firms, Hexaware has been helping its customers through progressive automation, guaranteeing target state savings, right at the beginning of the engagement.

We charge forward with a fierce integrity and laser focus on acquiring only two to three customers, per quarter, to be solely devoted to their aspirations.

A Thriving Culture

It’s how our 14,600+ people feel each day, the energy they bring in and charge forward. Our intelligent and diverse workforce are handpicked from more than 20 countries and 80 top global academic institutions. Our teams have the freedom of being in charge, taking prompt on-the-ground decisions. We believe in celebrating employees, in happy faces, fun filled fests like YUVA, smashing badminton and cricket games, and encouraging fitness regimes.

Solutions to help you Succeed

We provide the right solutions to meet your unique business needs. Over the years, we have built over 160+ proprietary tools and accelerators catering to emerging technologies. Some of the unique solution accelerators include: RAISE IT – the next-generation IT infrastructure management platform, BIG LEAP – our Big Data platform, iD2E – Integrated Design2Execution for the ‘Ultimate Shift-left’ in automation, automation driven, bi-modal ready, Cognitive Application Support and Maintenance and our Digital Managed Services (DMS) for business process services.

Innovating for the Future

Innovation is the daily ritual of our creative minds. We are the new pragmatic, focussed on nailing iterative execution of crowdsourcing ideas. Hexaware’s unrelenting desire to explore and fuel divergent thinkers, reshape innovation through codeathons and by embracing a start-up culture focussed on customer-centricity, frugality and agility, has helped in breaking a new ground. Our employees take that little extra step, in making a personal commitment, in solving the problems that make a difference to you. Through our Bottom Up Disruption approach, our employees innovate their ideas and bring forth improvements via automation and digitalization, to every project they work on.

Continuously pushing new boundaries, pursuing new ideas and technology breakthroughs are an essential part that define us. We’re Hexaware. We’ve been around for 30 years. Explore our myriad service offerings to take your business to the next level of technology disruption and digital transformation.

Our vision


To continuously amplify human potential through the use of digital technologies

Our mission


To transform how IT services are delivered and to be the first IT services company in the world where half the workforce is digital

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