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About Hexaware

A Company of many Hues:

With an amalgamation of passionate employees, innovative services and delighted customers, Hexaware the fastest growing automation-led, next-generation providers of IT, BPO and consulting services, has been revolutionizing the traditional IT approach by addressing discontinuities in the market. Our multi-pronged strategy consisting of robotic process automation, hyper-converged technology, design thinking, rapid prototyping and customized service offerings has enabled global companies to address various business issues with pointed and effective business strategies.

Fusion of Digital & Automation:

Armed with a ‘Shrink IT Grow Digital’ philosophy, a clear focus on reversing the pyramid and an enthusiasm of embedding the flavors of digital & automation, we have been helping clients shrink their budgets by up to 30% through Application Support and Maintenance (ASM), Testing, Infrastructure Management Services (IMS) and Business Process Outsourcing Services. This approach has enabled us to build better, smarter digital enterprises of the future. The company’s Grow Digital services help in delivering differentiated customer experiences by rethinking user experience, redesigning omni channel process and by incorporating straight through processing. Transformed customer experiences and enhanced business results have been some key client benefits. We make each of our engagements unique by eliminating the ‘Watermelon Effect’ that has been challenging the industry. By cannibalizing our revenue for mutual trust, we have ensured a long-lasting, fruitful relationship with our clients.

Cognitive & Transformational Capabilities:

What makes Hexaware unique is its ability to modernize enterprises by transforming their underlying application infrastructure to a Cloud-based Composable Enterprise Model. The company’s digital services focus on helping customers enhance their digital footprints to reach out to all the stakeholders – clients, employees and suppliers. The company believes in enhancing service delivery using cognitive aids (which truly believe in living up to the adage of ‘Automate First, Self-Serve Second, Smart people Last’) and deploying empowered account managers for customized, personalized attention to its esteemed clients. Hexaware has defined a simple vision for themselves – ‘To be the first IT services company in the world to have half of our labour as digital’.

Awesome Products, Competent People:

Through a bottom-up approach to innovation, we ensure to get the best crowd-sourced ideas from each of our intelligent, competent professionals, handpicked from more than 20 countries and 80 top global academic institutions. It’s about doing something new every day, for every customer. 80% of the ideas are themed around automation. A fresh approach to project delivery is witnessed through our DQUBE-Dream Digital Delivery framework, which incorporates the wisdom gained from hundreds of deliveries over more than two decades. These strategies have helped us build over 160+ proprietary tools and accelerators catering to emerging technologies. This ingrained culture of innovation has ensured to better the lives of our customers and employees by enhancing our IT engagements through creative layers of automation, niche technology partnerships and emerging technologies. Unlike traditional players, that have their important investment in building the best automation platform, Hexaware puts itself in reverse position by not building the Best Platform, but in using the Best Technology in the market.

Explore our myriad service offerings to take your business to the next level of technology disruption and digital transformation.

Our vision


To continuously amplify human potential through the use of digital technologies

Our mission


To transform how IT services are delivered and to be the first IT services company in the world where half the workforce is digital

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