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Cloud Operate

Living on the Cloud

A comprehensive solution to monitor and manage cloud infrastructure. It Leverages best practices in the end-to-end cloud management space, with deep analytics to provide complete visibility of usage of services and devices.


With our Cloud Management Platform, you can leverage a cost-effective approach, increased security, controls without constraints and increased organizational productivity.

An effective management strategy is key to resolving issues like increasing complexities and diverse workloads on Cloud Hexaware provides a seamlessly integrated platform to bring the advantage of smarter analysis and management of your cloud environment.


We deliver Cloud Ops through our end-to-end intelligent Cloud Management Platform.

Our unified platform is driven through AI and has the ability to break through the complexities of the environment and deliver powerful insights.

Increased and easy visibility across your multi-cloud environment

Increased and easy visibility across your multi-cloud environment.

You can now leverage quick pre-approved access to IT services through this integrated suite and achieve a single-pane view for control and real-time insights.

This self-service catalogue streamlines the process of provisioning and de-provisioning through automation, which helps in reducing timelines drastically.


Our Cloud Financial Management Tool will help you identify areas to optimize costs, by providing recommendations for autoscaling and right-sizing, by monitoring your usage and spend, and notifying you through alerts, for unusual spending patterns. You can leverage a dashboard view of costs and usage information to gain better insights.


We enforce policies based on configurations, compliance and user access and make use of 500+ security best practices to monitor and govern landscape. You can leverage our robust security and alerting system to experience a secure and resilient cloud environment.


Most enterprises leverage different configuration management tools across the organization. We provide the flexibility to leverage any existing configuration tools that you use. We also provide features for maintaining the ServiceNow CMDB and various other integrations that can be leveraged.

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