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Mike Leyland, CIO – Studio Retail on Redefining the Future of Retail Industry with Hexaware

Watch Mike Leyland as he speaks on the future of retail industry and how Hexaware helped them implement data-driven techniques that could be utilized to elevate the customer’s personal shopping service and target the right customers. On being asked how Hexaware helped them address the changing dynamics in shopping preferences, Mike was glad to share that the Hexaware team ensured they used the right technologies and ran strategic campaigns for effective business opportunities.

Lisa McAbee, NBIS speak on her experience of Hexaware’s Salesforce Cloud Implementation Capabilities

NBIS is a leading commercial insurance provider focused on the heavy construction industry. Headquartered in Atlanta, with a dynamic sales team spread across various regions in the US, they wanted to improve sales effectiveness for sales teams to generate and close more opportunities through the use of an easy to use cloud-based CRM platform and improve operational effectiveness and costs by seamless quote-to-bind processes with integration of the CRM with their AMS agency systems.

Watch Lisa McAbee, NBIS’ Director of Business Development and Marketing, recount how Salesforce Financial Services Cloud enabled her company to improve customer experience, increase customer retention, drive cross-selling and ramp-up close ratio.

Outotec shares their experience working with Hexaware

Outotec is Global Mining technology company which operates in mining, metal, energy, and chemical industries. Riikka Kämäräinen, Senior Manager, Global IT Support talks about Outotec’s valued partnership with Hexaware.

Hexaware helped the client with seamless integration of various processes globally. The service provider’s strategic approach led Outotec to enhance the scope not once or twice but four times over the last 12 months! While effective communication assisted in building a good rapport between them, cost efficiency over other competitors gave the client a competitive edge, leading to improved business productivity.

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