Virtual Clinical Trial Enablement Led to 25% Increase in Patient Onboarding for one of the World’s Largest CROs  Virtual Clinical Trial Enablement Led to 25% Increase in Patient Onboarding for one of the World’s Largest CROs 

Virtual Clinical Trial Enablement Led to 25% Increase in Patient Onboarding for one of the World’s Largest CROs 

Digital transformation of clinical trials


The client is the world’s largest clinical research organization that offers technology solutions, advanced analytics, and clinical research services to the life sciences industry, leveraging its vast expertise and resources to foster intelligent connections in healthcare. 


With 86,000 employees operating in 100+ countries, the client generates $10.8 billion in revenue. 


In the wake of the global COVID-19 crisis, the clinical trials landscape faced unprecedented challenges that demanded immediate transformation. While many hesitated to embrace the digital era, our client stood among the visionary few who recognized the urgency of turning these existential threats into groundbreaking opportunities. 

The client wanted to digitally transform their clinical trials infrastructure, modernize and streamline their clinical trial processes, and embrace digital solutions to enhance efficiency and effectiveness in the face of evolving global challenges.  


To champion technology-led clinical trial solutions and navigate this critical juncture, they forged a strategic alliance with Hexaware. 


Hexaware successfully enabled a virtual clinical trial platform in three stages. They included:  

Stage 1: Trial Design  

Hexaware initiated the process by creating a robust trial design platform, providing essential data and insights to facilitate an efficient design. We leveraged Salesforce technologies to enhance and support the new trial design platform. 

Stage 2: Trial Start-Up 

This phase focused on three key areas: 

  • Digital Patient Recruitment Model: We designed and developed a customized patient recruitment portal that included features such as a patient pre-portal, campaign management, patient education, and pre-screening. 
  • Near Real-time Analysis: We implemented a system for near real-time visualization and reporting, ensuring timely insights. 
  • Patient Onboarding Platform: Our solution improved the efficiency of the onboarding process and offered greater flexibility for patient engagement. 

Stage 3: Trial Conduct & Closure 

This stage involved the following key initiatives: 

  • eTMF Automation: We automated the eTMF documentation process, streamlining data management. 
  • Contact Center Operations: We provided comprehensive contact center operations to support COVID-19 Virtual clinical trials, benefiting patients, sponsors, and trial sites across the virtual clinical trials landscape. 
  • Trial Conduct Metric Reporting: We developed more than 30 metrics for effective trial conduct reporting. 
  • COVID-19 Rescue Studies: We extended contact center services to support COVID-19 rescue studies, aiding 400,000 users. 


The solution yielded the following transformative benefits for the client:  

  • Optimized Clinical Design: Our Trial Design program elevated clinical design services by a remarkable 30%, fostering efficiency throughout the trial lifecycle. It also resulted in substantial cost savings of $1.02 million by resolving data quality issues. 
  • Streamlined Document Management: With eTMF automation, ~3,000 documents can be processed in a mere 69 minutes. This revolutionary approach cut quality check time by a staggering 80%, enhancing productivity and accuracy. 
  • Accelerated Patient Onboarding: Our digital patient recruitment portal, coupled with real-time data, expedited patient recruitment twofold. It also ushered in a 25% surge in patient onboarding to clinical trials, accompanied by a remarkable 90% increase in document accuracy. 
  • Efficient Reporting: The development of trial conduct metrics translated into a 25% improvement in reporting efficiency. This data-driven approach not only enhanced insights but also streamlined the overall clinical trial process. 


In partnership with Hexaware, the world’s largest CRO embraced digital transformation in clinical trials. The three-stage virtual trial solution delivered remarkable outcomes: a 30% enhancement in clinical design efficiency, $1.02 million in cost savings, an 80% reduction in document processing time, a twofold acceleration in patient recruitment, 25% increased patient onboarding, and a 25% improvement in reporting efficiency. This transformation helped the client to tackle the global challenges related to COVID-19 and reshaped the clinical trials landscape. 

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