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Modernizing the Data Warehouse ecosystem – SAS Migration to Azure Modernizing the Data Warehouse ecosystem – SAS Migration to Azure

Modernizing the Data Warehouse ecosystem – SAS Migration to Azure

Leveraging a microservice based DevOps delivery model to craft an efficient delivery pipeline.


Our client is a leading insurance organization in Japan serving over 3.3 million customers. With a strong focus on innovation and customer experience, they are recognized for their commitment to providing comprehensive insurance solutions tailored to meet evolving customer needs. Their diverse range of products and services has established them as a trusted partner in the insurance domain. 


As our client expanded their digital footprint, several challenges emerged: 

  • Numerous applications (13+) under scope with monthly releases made velocity and efficiency difficult 
  • Multiple non-production and production environments (15+) led to complex coordination 
  • Microservices architecture increased deployment complexity 
  • Lack of continuous delivery toolkit caused delivery delays 
  • On-prem infrastructure drove excessive CAPEX spend 
  • Infrastructure provisioning delays hampered feature development 


To overcome these challenges, we implemented an agile DevOps solution: 

  • Containerization enhanced environment consistency and portability 
  • CI/CD pipeline upgraded through automation scripts, APIs, and tools 
  • DevTestOps adopted to unify and optimize delivery 
  • Self-provisioning enabled on-demand environment access 
  • Branching strategy aligned to streamline workflow 


Our collaborative efforts delivered quantifiable results:

  • 40% increase in team productivity through improved visibility and ease of management 
  • Reduced costs and errors with increased test automation 
  • Accelerated time-to-market by minimizing defects and communication lags 
  • Consistent environments increased release cadence by 60% 
  • CAPEX spend reduced by 30% with cloud-based infrastructure 


Together with our client, we successfully tackled the challenges of complexity, speed, and efficiency. Our transformative DevOps solutions not only created an agile, CI/CD pipeline but also empowered them to deliver higher quality releases in significantly reduced timeframes. This success story underscores the critical role of automation, collaboration, and innovation in securing digital success amidst evolving customer expectations. 

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