Revolutionizing HR Landscape with Workday Transformation for a Global Insurance Provider  Revolutionizing HR Landscape with Workday Transformation for a Global Insurance Provider 

Revolutionizing HR Landscape with Workday Transformation for a Global Insurance Provider 

Ensuring Agility & Efficiency with Workday HCM


Our client, a prominent property, casualty, and specialty reinsurance and insurance solutions provider, has been operating for nearly five decades across North America, Latin America, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region. As one of the fastest-growing companies in Q2 2023, with significant net income and reinsurance growth, their expansion led to a complex, geographically dispersed HR landscape. They sought a reliable partner to unify their systems, enhance their Workday application, and support robust managed services across their diverse locations.

Net income of $ 670Mn and 22.3% GWP growth, reinsurance growth of 26.9%.


Business Challenges

As a rapidly expanding reinsurance provider experiencing significant growth, the client faced challenges from decentralized HR operations, complex integrations, and diverse teams managing information across different regions. The need for a unified HR system to streamline processes, bolstered by reliable partner support, was paramount. Some of the critical challenges faced by the client were:

  • Lack of centralized view and management reporting
  • Fragmented HR operations due to dispersed IT systems
  • Complex integrations involving payroll and benefits across 18+ countries
  • Integrating Time Tracking, Absence, and Payroll in an integrated system
  • Implementing global HR processes with varying local requirements
  • Integrating third-party applications, including Anaplan, Peakon, MentorClig, ShareWorks, and BenePass
  • Need for a COVID vaccine management solution
  • Complex reporting requirements on budgeted and unbudgeted positions

Their Requirements Included:

  • Managed services support
  • Integration of benefits portal
  • Enhanced reporting capabilities
  • Complex financial planning and analysis integration
  • Global Workday application support across geographies

Global landscape, multiple upstream and downstream integrations, and siloed systems increased the complexity of the client’s HR operations.


Hexaware emerged as the preferred partner due to its expertise, AMS capability, and past success with the client’s legacy PeopleSoft application. A Managed Service Model was implemented, with Workday consultants in offshore and nearshore locations supporting Core HR, Benefits, Learning, Talent and Performance, and Payroll. Hexaware’s proprietary tools and accelerators, including the Integration Factory and Report Build Factory, enabled efficient integrations and reporting. The delivery model used a POD-based approach, ensuring comprehensive support for modules like Absence, security reHighlight, and more.

The implementation included Workday modules, third-party integrations, and a dedicated agile approach.

Key elements of the solution included:

  • Managed Service Model: Deployed Workday consultants in a hub and spoke model, ensuring seamless support across multiple geographies. Dedicated integration specialists handled payroll and benefits integrations.
  • Phase-X Implementation: Rolled out Workday modules to international countries, enhancing existing functionalities like recruiting, onboarding, and Absence. Integrated third-party applications for a unified experience.
  • Agile Methodology: Utilized an agile approach for development and enhancements, focusing on automation and permanent solutions for integration complexities.
  • Proprietary IPs: Leveraged tools like Workday Test Automation Kit, Integration Factory, and Report Build Factory for efficient testing, integration, and reporting.

We support over 5,800 employees across 3 continents and 18 countries.


Key Business Benefits

  • Efficient Onboarding: Unified systems led to a 70% increase in efficiency for employee onboarding, enhancing employee experience.
  • Enhanced Engagement: Integration with job aggregators improved the prospective candidate-to-employee ratio by 20%.
  • Faster Deployment: Hexaware’s Configuration Loader reduced technical efforts and improved the speed of deployment by 40%.
  • Cost Reduction: Aggregated siloed systems into a centralized platform, resulting in a 50% reduction in operational costs.

With a 70% increase in employee onboarding, we helped streamline operations and improved employee experience, futureproofing the client’s HR processes.

Sustainable Benefits Realization:

  • Service outcome involves swift resolution of production issues, minimizing data mismatches, complexities, and dependency-related problems.
  • Offering both immediate fixes and enduring solutions for frequently occurring issues, leading to a reduction in overall production problems.
  • Thorough validation and testing of all integrations using end-to-end test Highlights to identify integration issues related to enhancements and new integrations, thereby enhancing integration efficiency.
  • Daily coordination with IT and business teams, promptly addressing gaps during rapid phases and meeting expectations.


Hexaware’s partnership with the client transformed their HR landscape, addressing decentralization and complex integration challenges. The client achieved enhanced efficiency, engagement, and cost optimization through unified systems, while Hexaware’s proprietary tools and global delivery model ensured seamless support across regions.

The implementation of Workday HCM modules across multiple countries, intricate integrations, and sophisticated reporting capabilities led to streamlined processes, cost reduction, and improved employee experiences. Hexaware’s expertise in cloud migration and exceptional support propelled the client towards a more agile and efficient future in HR operations.

Hexaware ensured business futureproofing with expert solutions, adhering to best practices and Workday methodologies, maintaining compliance, creating comprehensive documentation, and preventing production issues through rigorous quality assurance.


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