Optimizing Costs and Personalizing Experiences for a Global Engineering Company Optimizing Costs and Personalizing Experiences for a Global Engineering Company

Optimizing Costs and Personalizing Experiences for a Global Engineering Company

Enabling and transforming user experiences


The client is an engineering, construction, and services company delivering offshore projects and services for the energy industry. The global major operates in over 30 countries and has delivered more than 1000 projects worldwide.  


The client sought to fast-track enterprise-wide digital transformation, and on top of the radar was personalizing experiences and optimizing costs. They were looking to address the following challenges at speed and scale. 

  • A legacy on-premises meeting, chat, and telephony solution 
  • Multiple telephony vendors in different countries  
  • Interoperability challenges across various telephony platforms 
  • Limited or no visibility into usage and expenditure patterns 
  • Degraded collaboration experiences 
  • Complex application integration with unified solutions  
  • High costs for disaster recovery, connectivity, and security due to dependencies on the data center 


The Hexaware solution factored in an experience-centric approach to streamline processes and transform experiences. The automation-led roadmap leveraging proprietary frameworks, architectures, and solution accelerators involved: 

  • Migrating 7500+ users to Microsoft Teams   
  • Implementing cloud-based centralized call routing   
  • Enhancing meeting room experiences with Microsoft-certified devices   
  • Extensively using analytics and reporting for visibility into usage and spending patterns   
  • Conducting comprehensive training workshops for expedited and widespread adoption   
  • Enabling secure access to collaboration services on managed and unmanaged devices 


Saved Time   

60% faster migration  
to Microsoft Teams, along with the user adoption plan 

Saved Cost 

~40% cost reduction  
in support, telecom, and infrastructure, along with license cost optimization


The client benefited from Hexaware’s tailored solution, aligning their current workplace and technology landscape to a future-ready state that personalized experience, enabled agility, and enhanced productivity. The accent on automation helped the client scale their migration, collaboration, and transformation goals at pace with clear outcomes and optimized costs. 

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