Modernization of Multiple Legacy Applications to AWS Cloud Modernization of Multiple Legacy Applications to AWS Cloud

Modernization of Multiple Legacy Applications to AWS Cloud

A leading US-based financial firm with an annual revenue of 100 billion USD, 7000 + employees and a presence in 30+ states in the US found itself at the cusp of digital transformation. The client’s day-to-day operations relied on offline, time-consuming processes, legacy systems, and applications.

Market dynamics necessitated revisiting the IT landscape to identify bottlenecks to sustainable growth. There were major challenges. Top of the list was legacy modernization. Fostering innovation to provide superior customer service was a pressing need. Software releases were getting delayed. System capacity issues added to the complexity.

Hexaware, an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, did a complete study of the client’s technology landscape and proposed a comprehensive legacy modernization exercise. The roadmap encompassed replacing multiple legacy applications to reduce maintenance costs. The best-practices-driven, automation-led implementation roadmap ensured no downtime or disruption of services during the migration journey.

Key Business Benefits

  • Reduced Infrastructure TCO by 30% by Auto Scaling or on-demand Infra Provisioning
  • Reduced Time to Market by 30-40% through script-based Infrastructure Provisioning & Agile DevOps automation using CI/CD.
  • Improved Availability & Scalability of Application & Infrastructure by 30% leveraging AWS Services like EC2, S3, RDS, etc.
  • Achieved 100% reduction in application downtime during release with the adoption of the Blue Green Deployment model
  • Reduced API test execution effort by 60%

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