Modernization of Legacy IT Service Management Tools  Modernization of Legacy IT Service Management Tools 

Modernization of Legacy IT Service Management Tools 

Process standardization and enhanced user experience


The client is one of the leading travel technology companies in the world. 


The client wanted to transform and modernize its legacy IT Service Management Tools (ITSM) to achieve process standardization and reduce the overall cost of service management. They were looking to merge the processes and tools of four disparate ITSM systems and enhance user experience. They faced the following challenges: 

  • A core ISTM system that was unsupported, not scalable, and difficult to enhance and manage 
  • Managing the complexity of multiple point-to-point integrations (~12) with external customer systems 
  • Ensuring a smooth transition of ~7500 customers from the old legacy systems along with ~12000 SLA rules and ~800 service requests 

They were planning to transform the legacy system with new functionality in 24 months to minimize running multiple systems in parallel. 


The Hexaware approach focused on implementing a modern ITSM system with fit-for-purpose processes and functionalities. The journey involved: 

  • Phased tools rationalization and instance convergence program using the ServiceNow ITSM platform 
  • Convergence of the complex SLA application within ServiceNow that supports more than 10,000 SLA rules with more than 7500 domains 
  • Accelerated deployment to minimize parallel run and cost of converged tools and to deliver a superior customer experience. 
  • A state-of-the-art, robust, and scalable security model that supports horizontal and vertical data partitions compliant with InfoSec policies 
  • Merging four highly customized ITSM instances into a single ServiceNow instance within two years 
  • Migration of point-to-point integrations to the Oracle Enterprise Service Bus 
  • Leveraging our proprietary ITSM solution to expedite the ServiceNow platform implementation – ITIL v3 bolstered with well-defined, configurable ITSM processes. 


  • Elevated customer experience 
  • Increased availability and reduced downtime 
  • Improved demand management and governance 
  • Future-proofed – CMDB auto-discovery, single source of truth 
  • Better maintenance release – upgrades were quicker and less disruptive 


The phased tools rationalization and process convergence program helped the client elevate customer experiences. The accelerated engagement defined by best-in-class deployment reduced the cost of service management. Thus, the modern ITSM system aligned with the client’s business goals helped fast-track digital transformation and drive agility. 

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