IT Infrastructure Transformation Solutions for the UK’s Inflight Services Provider IT Infrastructure Transformation Solutions for the UK’s Inflight Services Provider

IT Infrastructure Transformation Solutions for the UK’s Inflight Services Provider


The client is a leading inflight catering, on-board retail, and logistics company in the UK, serving some of the country’s biggest airline operators.


The client, a giant in the aviation industry, was juggling multiple IT service providers and outdated infrastructure. This resulted in:

  • Fragmented Support: Disparate service desks and contact points for various IT needs.
  • Inefficient Processes: Manual processes and lack of centralized ITSM hindered service delivery.
  • Outdated Network: Legacy WAN architecture limited scalability and flexibility.
  • Device Incompatibility: Inconsistent device versions hampered security and user experience.
  • Security Gaps: The absence of SIEM and inefficient event monitoring exposed vulnerabilities.
  • Version Disparity: Managing multiple OS and database versions increased complexity.
  • Limited Disaster Recovery: No robust strategy for business continuity in case of outages.


Hexaware architected a comprehensive solution to address these challenges:

  • Unified Service Desk: Established a 12×7 single point of contact for all IT needs, streamlining communication and resolution.
  • Centralized Infrastructure Management: Provided 24×7 support for systems, storage, databases, and middleware, ensuring optimal performance.
  • Advanced Security: Implemented SIEM and a 24×7 Security Operations Center (SOC) compliant with specific requirements for proactive threat detection and response.
  • ITSM Transformation: Migrated from legacy ITSM to ServiceNow, enhancing service request management and automation.
  • Modernized End-User Computing: Refreshed user devices and facilitated Windows 10 migration for improved user experience.
  • Self-Service Solutions: Deployed our in-house one-stop portal for IT solutions and tool for password and account management, reducing helpdesk burden.
  • SD-WAN Implementation: Transformed the network infrastructure from WAN to SD-WAN for superior flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness across all locations.
  • Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery: Implemented a robust disaster recovery strategy on Microsoft Azure to ensure business continuity during outages.


The client experienced significant improvements due to Hexaware’s integrated approach:

  • Cost Optimization: By rationalizing tools, implementing a unified security platform, and reducing support needs, we achieved a TCO reduction of over 30%.
  • Enhanced Visibility: Gained a unified dashboard for monitoring all technology elements through the Hexaware Tensai® Platform.
  • Improved Efficiency: Reduced call volume by 15% with our in-house one-stop portal for IT solutions and our password and account management self-service solutions.
  • Stronger Security: Through automated event correlation, we reduced security alerts by 22% and false positives by 40%.
  • Increased Business Continuity: Developed a reliable disaster recovery strategy for minimal downtime during disruptions.


Hexaware’s comprehensive IT infrastructure transformation solutions empowered the UK’s leading inflight services provider to achieve significant cost savings, improved operational efficiency, and enhanced security. By implementing a centralized service desk, advanced security solutions, a modern IT service management platform, and a robust disaster recovery strategy, Hexaware ensured that the client remained competitive and well-positioned for future growth.

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