Hexaware Transforms IT Operations for UAE Payment Leader Hexaware Transforms IT Operations for UAE Payment Leader

Hexaware Transforms IT Operations for UAE Payment Leader


The client, a leading payment solutions company in the UAE, empowers governments, businesses, and institutions with a cutting-edge payment platform. Their intelligent system, central to IT operations for payments, leverages data and next-generation technology to streamline operations, enhance user experiences, and unlock new revenue streams through data monetization.


This client faced a complex IT landscape with diverse support needs. They required a comprehensive solution to manage service desk, network security, cloud workloads, on-premise infrastructure, and field services across their global sites. Their existing setup lacked efficient collaboration and resulted in high incident rates and low first-call resolution (FCR).


Hexaware designed a multi-faceted solution to address the client’s challenges:

  • 24/7 Service Desk & Command Center: Hexaware established a dedicated service desk in India, providing 24×7 support with voice assistance in English. Additionally, a 24×7 Command Center continuously monitored cloud and on-premise workloads, ensuring proactive issue identification and resolution.
  • Enhanced Support Functions: Hexaware delivered comprehensive support across all critical areas, including workplace engineering, collaboration services, cloud management, database management, enterprise applications, and middleware. Business-hours support was offered, and on-call availability was available for urgent issues.
  • Accelerated Processes & User Experience: Hexaware implemented their proprietary accelerators and enablers to streamline processes and enhance the end-user experience. Additionally, 25% of all user devices were refreshed annually to ensure optimal performance.
  • ServiceNow Optimization: Hexaware developed additional catalogs within ServiceNow to further improve user experience and enable faster issue resolution.
  • Automation & Self-Service: Hexaware leveraged automation tools to resolve 80% of password-related issues, significantly reducing the burden on service desk personnel.


Hexaware’s solution delivered a range of tangible benefits for the client, demonstrably improving the efficiency and effectiveness of their IT operations.

  • Reduced Incidents: Hexaware’s solution led to a remarkable 22% reduction in IT incidents within the first year, demonstrating a proactive approach and improved infrastructure stability.
  • Increased FCR: Through process optimization and automation, Hexaware achieved a 20% increase in FCR, reducing repeat calls and improving user satisfaction.
  • Improved Total Cost of Operations (TCO) & Performance: The combined effect of efficient service delivery, automation, and streamlined processes resulted in a significant decrease in the client’s TCO.
  • Enhanced User Experience: With 80% of password resets automated and a commitment to regular device refreshes, user experience improved significantly.
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction: Hexaware’s efforts led to a demonstrably higher overall customer satisfaction score for the client’s IT organization.


Through Hexaware’s comprehensive approach to IT management, the client experienced several tangible benefits. By leveraging a combination of skilled personnel, advanced technologies, and process optimization, Hexaware delivered substantial benefits to the leading UAE payment solution provider. The results showcase a significant reduction in IT incidents, improved first-call resolution, and a more efficient and cost-effective IT operation, ultimately leading to a more satisfied customer base.

800 + Tickets Handled per Month  


24×7 Service Desk and Monitoring Coverage


75% Success Rate Achieved for Automation Use Cases  


22% Reduced Call Volumes (Year-1) 

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