How Hexaware’s Solution Empowered Eye Surgeons to Make Better Decisions for Improved Outcomes   How Hexaware’s Solution Empowered Eye Surgeons to Make Better Decisions for Improved Outcomes  

How Hexaware’s Solution Empowered Eye Surgeons to Make Better Decisions for Improved Outcomes  

A leading HealthTech company’s journey to a patient-centric and data-driven approach.


The client is a leading HealthTech company in vision care. Its extensive product portfolio is dedicated to enhancing vision and enriching the lives of people across the globe, offering relief to those facing conditions such as cataracts, glaucoma, retinal diseases, and refractive errors. 


With a legacy spanning over 75 years, and a workforce of over 25,000 dedicated associates, the client’s surgical and vision care solutions reach out to over 260 million individuals in more than 140 countries every year. 


The client wanted to streamline the clinical process for cataract surgical teams, enhancing consistency and efficiency while minimizing errors.  


The need was to develop a comprehensive solution that could empower healthcare professionals to make better decisions and transform vision care. 

The client wanted the solution to: 

Streamline Clinical Process: There was a great need to optimize the clinical procedures for cataract surgical teams. The existing processes were often complex and lacked consistency, making it challenging for healthcare professionals to deliver efficient care. 

Ensure Consistency: Variability in clinical procedures and data management across different surgical teams posed a significant challenge. The client sought to standardize these processes to ensure consistent, high-quality patient care. 

Improve Efficiency: Inefficiencies in the clinical process led to delays and increased operational costs. The client needed to find ways to make the process more efficient to save time and resources. 

Minimize Errors: The risk of errors during surgical procedures due to incomplete or inaccurate patient information was a pressing concern. Reducing these errors was critical to improving patient outcomes and safety. 

Empower Healthcare Professionals: The client recognized the importance of giving healthcare professionals the tools they needed to make better-informed decisions. They wanted to provide surgeons with comprehensive, real-time patient data to enhance their decision-making. 

Transformation of Vision Care: The client aimed to lead a transformation in the field of vision care. They wanted to shift the industry towards a more patient-centric and data-driven approach, ensuring that every patient received the best possible care. 


Hexaware harnessed the power of the Philips HealthSuite Digital Platform (HSDP) and Amazon Web Services (AWS) to create an innovative web portal tailored to the needs of healthcare professionals (HCPs) specializing in eye surgery. This web portal was meticulously designed to simplify the clinical process and foster personalized, analytical patient outcomes. 

Key features of the web portal included: 

  • Web portal identity and user profile management. 
  • Region maintenance and reporting. 
  • Integration with Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems. 
  • Pre- and post-operative planning tools. 
  • Analytics and reporting functionalities. 
  • Practice dashboards. 
  • Notifications for surgical teams. 
  • Patient profile management. 
  • Lens manufacturer repository and practice usage tracking. 


Hexaware meticulously designed a web portal to simplify the clinical process and foster personalized, analytical patient outcomes.   


Hexaware’s work in developing the eye surgeon web portal for the client enabled healthcare professionals to seamlessly access patients’ vital diagnostic data. This accessibility led to a simplified, consistent, and more efficient clinical process. As a result, the following key results were achieved: 

  • Easy access to vital diagnostic data: The web portal empowered cataract surgical teams to analyze patient information more comprehensively, leading to improved surgical outcomes. 
  • Minimized Errors: By providing a centralized platform for data access and management, errors were minimized. Surgeons and their teams had access to accurate patient information, reducing the risk of mistakes during procedures. 
  • Personalized and Analytical Patient Outcomes: The web portal allowed for pre-and post-operative planning, analytics, and reporting. This personalized approach to patient care resulted in more analytical and individualized patient outcomes. 
  • Efficiency and Consistency: The portal streamlined the clinical process, leading to greater consistency and efficiency in patient care. Surgeons and healthcare professionals had a unified platform to manage their tasks and access critical patient data. 
  • Enhanced Data Management: The integration of EMR systems and robust reporting tools improved data management within practices and surgical teams. This, in turn, contributed to better-informed decisions. 
  • Practice and Dashboards: The inclusion of dashboards enabled easy tracking and management of surgical practice data, which proved invaluable for surgeons and the client. 
  • Timely Notifications: The portal provided notifications for important updates, enhancing communication within surgical teams and ensuring that necessary actions were taken promptly. 


By leveraging the Philips HealthSuite Digital Platform and AWS technologies, Hexaware empowered cataract surgical teams with easy access to vital diagnostic data, streamlined clinical processes, and improved patient outcomes. 


The client’s collaboration with Hexaware resulted in the development of an innovative eye surgeon web portal that transformed vision care. The portal’s key features, including identity management, EMR integration, analytics, and dashboards, enhanced efficiency and consistency in patient care. The outcome was a personalized and analytical approach to vision care, benefiting both healthcare professionals and their patients.  

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